Behind this landscape garden plan is the story of Wendy van Dok and her commitment to water conservation and urban planning. A biologist by training with a special interest in water, her interest in nature and wildlife led her to develop a passion for urban water efficiency in urban planning. These interests, coupled with a love of gardening lead the donor to water sensitive landscape design. Her consulting activity was motivated by a desire to reconnect people with nature in an urban context through gardens, and most importantly, through water sensitive gardens. Through these gardens her other desire to encourage wildlife back into the urban environment was also addressed. Since it's creation in 1999 the Wendy van Dok's garden has changed significantly. While it remains a dynamic space and a work in progress, it still follows the general layout and composition of the original landscape plan. Wendy is the author of The Water Efficient Garden - A Guide to Sustainable Landscaping in Australia, Water-Efficient Gardenscapes, Victoria, 2002.

Participation in the Water Smart Home Project
Wendy van Dok was a participant in Museum Victoria's Water Smart Home project - her story is featured on the Water Smart Home website. The donor was also a member of the Water Smart Home Reference Group.

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