Stuart McQuire, his wife Wendy Orams and their two daughters began their water saving activities in 1992 as part of their interest in permaculture and as an expression of their personal commitment to the environment. Their home, which is frequently opened to the general public, is a living and changing example of how simple and low-cost changes can reduce water use by 100,000 litres per year. The changes they have made to their home include low-cost measures such as the way they use potable water in the home, the installation of rainwater tanks, the use of solar panels, and the installation of a greywater treatment system. Not only are their water and energy saving measures important to them, but they have sought to make changes that can also be used as an example to inspire and encourage others to make similar changes in their homes. They received financial support from the Smart Water Fund to install and trial the Envirowater unit.

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