Wittenbach & Co were badge makers and medallists. The business was established in the nineteenth century.

A.H. Wittenbach won a bronze medal for the design of an exhibition medal (Carr 1887/8, p.37, Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets from 1788), and may have been the principal of the company.

Wittenbach's medals included the 1898 Cyclists' Centenary Run, League of Victorian Wheelmen, 1898 (NU 34520), Bowen Pastoral and Agricultural Society silver medal in 1891 and 1894, WB and BP Art Society medals in 1905 and 1906, and the Melbourne Eight Hours Committee medal, 1913 and 1914.

Wittenbach & Co was bought out in 1933 by brothers George and Ernest Rodd, trading as G. & E. Rodd, manufacturing jewellers, Melbourne. They had been established in around 1919, and by the late 1930s were the largest manufacturing jewellers in Australia. From the early 1930s they manufactured silver and EPNS tableware.

In 1949 Rodd purchased Platers Pty Ltd 1949, becoming a Pty Ltd company themselves in 1949. In 1961 Rodd merged with flatware manufacturers Myttons Ltd (established 1923). In the late 20th century Myttons Ltd sold its jewellery manufacturing operations to Rover Holdings.

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