Munro Road in Balonne Shire may be named after William Ross Munro or a member of his family.

William Ross Munro may be the person referred to in the following account. A.G.F. Munro, brother of W.R. Munro, came to Australia from Scotland with his parents in 1848. The family visited a holding of the Hall Brothers in Scone, New South Wales, and the young Munro was so impressed by the quality, size and scale of the cattle that he determined to return one day and buy them. In 1868 drought in the Hunter Valley caused the Hall brothers to move their cattle up to a new property in the Moree district, Weebollabolla. In 1873 A.G.F. Munro went to Sydney and purchased Weebollabolla at public auction, with the 500 breeding cows as well as sheep. Munro gradually reduced his sheep numbers and changed over to cattle. He brought his brother, W.R. Munro, to Australia to be his partner. In 1902 he formed a stock partnership with his family and carried on the overall management until his death in 1929.

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