The Union Foundry was started by two entrepreneurs in Ballarat in 1863. Walker (an English immigrant) and Braddoch manufactured retorts for the local gas company, machinery for the Ballarat Meat Preserving Company and heavy castings for the Queensland sugar industry. Their work included the cast iron fence that surrounds Ballarat's St Patrick's Cathedral.

The Queensland end of the business expanded rapidly, and finally Walker left the Union Foundry to establish the now well-known John Walker & Co. Ltd. Of Maryborough, a foundry closely associated with the growth of the sugar industry in Queensland. Its products included the first locomotive built in Queensland, made in 1873 for a timber railway.

The Union Foundry continued to operate, and in 1883 awarded medals at its annual picnic. A small silver medal was awarded for the 'Maiden Race' and was won by T. Phillips (NU 27485).

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