Technical education in New South Wales originated in 1865 when a state-subsidized mechanical drawing class was held by the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts (Institute). In 1878 Sydney Technical College was established, a state-subsidized technical facility providing scientific, technical and professional training. (The TAFE New South Wales web site puts this date at 1891, contradicting the New South Wales Government State Records and Australian Science at Work web sites). The original School of Arts committee oversaw the College.

On 24 July 1883 the Executive Council appointed a Board of Technical Education as the basis for a state system of Technical Education. The Board took over supervision of the Sydney Technical College from the School of Arts Committee.

In 1903 a Royal Commission into New South Wales Education recommended the establishment of classes which would involve technical subjects. As a result, Continuation classes for pupils whose interest lay in technical subjects began at the Sydney Technical College. In April 1911 these Continuation classes were formalized as Sydney Technical High.

In 1949 the New South Wales University of Technology operated from the campus of Sydney Technical College before moving to its own campus in Kensington. The Sydney Technical College later hatched the New South Wales Institute of Technology, which became the University of Technology Sydney. The College became the Ultimo Campus (Sydney Institute) of TAFE New South Wales.

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