Information concerning Wogdon's biography is in conflict between various sources. The normally highly authorative Heer (1978) makes the error of listing no Robert Wogdon, but a Richard Wogdon who shares similar details to the one sought. However, Howard Blackmore (1986) provides the basis for the following biographical details.

Robert Wogdon's birth in 1737 can be surmised by the fact that his will lists his age in 1813 as being 79. He was apprenticed to the Irish gunmaker, Edward Newton (active 1718-1764), of Grantham, Lincolnshire, in 1748 as was another of his later well-known contemporaries, John Twigg (1732-1790).

He is listed as a practising gunmaker at Mr. Maw's, a haberdasher in Cockspur St., Charing Cross in 1764 and reappears in the directions at the Haymarket between 1774 and 1802.

In 1795 Wogdon formed a partnership with fellow gunmaker, John Barton and together they traded under the name of Wogdon & Barton. Blackmore (1986) places them at 14 Haymarket between 1795 and 1803, and notes that they were gunmakers to the Bow Street Police for two years between 1801 and 1803.

Wogdon died in 1813 and was buried at St. Bartholomew in Buntingford, Hertfordshire.

A poem written in 1783 by an Irish Volunteer titled 'Stanzas on Duelling' began with the line: 'Hail Wogden! Patron of that Leaden death...' such was Wogden's reknown for producing high quality duelling pistols.

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