Concord Council was located within suburban Sydney, and Concord is still a suburban name today.

From 1840 the Concord area hosted 58 French-speaking Canadian convicts. French Canadian Patriots had revolted in Lower Canada (now known as Quebec), fighting for greater participation in government and an increase in the legislative power of the lower house. The movement was crushed, some of the rebels were executed, while others were sentenced to transportation.

Their good behaviour in New South Wales led to their being granted a ticket-of-leave which allowed them to work outside the Stockade, and they found work in the colony as clerks, gardeners, builders and in saw milling. Free pardons were granted to them in 1843-44. Eventually all but three of the Canadian Exiles returned to Canada.

Concord issued a medal for coronation of Edward VII in 1902 (NU 20326).

In 2000 Concord Council combined with the Drummoyne Council to become the City of Canada Bay Council, recalling the early convict history.

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