James Jones and Alexander Williamson's token described their firm as 'Wholesale and Retail Grocers, Wine, Spirit, and Provision Merchants'. They are thought to have traded together from about 1858 to 1864.

Little is known about Jones, but Williamson was from Selkirk, Scotland, and arrived in New Zealand in 1852. In 1863 he was living in Queen Street, Dunedin. In that year Jones was living in North Princes Street.

They issued their token in 1858. In that same year they placed an advertisement in the Otago Witness newspaper to inform the public that they had bullocks for sale.

According to the Daily Telegraph in 1863 the firm improved their premises with verandas. The following year Jones was not listed in the town's directory and in 1865 Williamson continued to trade under both their names, although he was listed as sole proprietor.

Williamson was married in Otago, and was the father of seven children.

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