John Allen is said to have rejected tokens made for him by the Sydney Medalist J.C. Thornthwaite in 1855. According to Andrews, tokens made by Thornthwaite were rejected by both John and his brother William of nearby Jamberoo because of their poor workmanship. Andrews relates that after John had rejected his tokens they were disposed of at a penny each by Thornthwaite to the toll gatekeeper at Annandale [Sydney], who passed them on in change to hapless wayfarers.

In the 1867 National Directory of New South Wales, there is a listing in the 'Kiama' section for an Allen, J., of Albion Park, but no listing of an occupation or other details.

State Records New South Wales lists the death of a man named John Allen in the Kiama district in 1865.

Samson's National Directory of New South Wales for 1867-1868

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