In an obituary published in Art & Australia by Jennifer Isaacs, she reports that Jimmy Pike (circa 1940-2002) was born in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia. He moved to Cherrabun Station near Fitzroy Crossing, and worked as a station hand until he spend a term in Fremantle Prison. In gaol he began to draw and paint professionally. By the late 1980s Jimmy Pike had become one of Australia's most recognisable image-makers, creating Aboriginal designs that were internationally recognised as part of Australian visual culture. His firm, Desert Designs, marketed his prints and fabric designs world-wide.

In 1988 he designed a poster (Katiya boat) for the Australian Bicentennial Authority depicting the first ship to bring white people to the country. He also illustrated children's books with his wife Patricia Lowe. After 1992 he lived in Broome, but visited Fitzroy Crossing regularly.

Isaacs, Jennifer. (2003). .Art & Australia, Vol.40, No.4.

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