(Storyline from The Melbourne Exhibition) Anyone could enter exhibits in the fields of art, science and industry at Melbourne's international exhibitions. And there were prizes to be won.

Annie Flatow was one of hundreds of ordinary Australians who took part. At the 1888 Centennial Exhibition she won a bronze medal for her display of 'Shells, turtle shells, etc.'

A dressmaker-turned-naturalist, Annie Flatow belonged to the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, where she presented specimens alongside those of renowned botanist Ferdinand von Mueller. She lived in Prahran with her husband Joseph, a 'shell importer and curiosity dealer'.

In 19th century Australia, collecting and illustrating natural history specimens was one of few professions considered suitable for a genteel woman.

Mrs Flatow also won a Colonial and Indian Exhibition prize medal in 1886 (NU 32368).

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