From 27 November 1923 to 28 September 1924, H.M.S. Hood, H.M.S. Repulse and vessels of the First Light Cruiser Squadron, participated in the 'Cruise of the Special Service Squadron.' Known as the 'Empire Cruise' or 'World Cruise' (but called the 'World Booze' by the Squadron's men), it was a highly successful public relations victory for the Empire. The squadron logged over 38,152 miles and visited numerous foreign countries around the globe. Over one million visited the entire Squadron, and over two hundred thousand managed to get on board the Hood alone during the week she was at Prince's Pier in Port Melbourne (the Hood was later sunk with the loss of 1415 men, in May 1941). Several sporting events were scheduled for the Melbourne visit, including a game of rugby union against Victoria at the Amateur Sports Ground, a hockey match at Melbourne University, and an aquatic carnival at St. Kilda and the City Baths hosted swimming sports. Hubert Opperman competed in the cycling, but an injury restricted his chances. At the Naval Drill Hall in Port Melbourne, a thousand spectators watched bouts between boxers from the Squadron and the RAN.

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