The Alpine Club of Victoria (ACV) was formed in October 1944. It was conceived during a bitter conflict within the Ski Club of Victoria (SCV) over the selection of the site of the War Memorial club house. The 'old guard' of touring and telemark vintage pushed for the Mt McKay area; the downhill skiers preferred Mt Hotham. The old guard thought it would be impossible to obtain permission to build on Mt Hotham, but Alan Plowman and Don Bennett disagreed, and held a meeting in Bennett's Brighton home. A proposal was mounted for Mt Hotham, but they were unable to sway the majority of SCV members. The breakaways responded by forming the ACV, and applied to the Department of Crown Lands and Survey for the site. Much to the surprise of the SCV, they were successful, and were granted the first Club Permissive Occupancy in 1945. The ski lodge they built was the first on Mount Hotham.

The ACV became a foundation member of the Federation of Victorian Ski Clubs in 1947, and in 1955 it joined the Victorian Amateur Ski Association, created to facilitate Olympic competition.

The work of the ACV has included lobbying for improved road access such as an all-season Omeo-Hotham road.

In 1994 the Club issued a medal to commemorate 50 years of the its history (NU 23849).

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