Alan McCulloch and his brother Wilfred received initial art lessons from their father, an amateur painter. At the age of 19 he studied part time at the National Gallery of Victoria; from 1930 to 1935 he studied at the Melbourne Technical College (later RMIT). He worked as an art critic for the Argus 1944-47 and the Herald 1951-81. He was art editor and illustrator for Meanjin 1951-63 and foundation Australian president for the International Association of Art Critics1963-66. McCulloch served as director of the Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre 1970-71 (which now organises the Alan McCulloch Memorial Library). McCulloch organised numerous touring and special exhibitions, as well as art competitions. He was also editor of the Encyclopaedia of Australian Art for several terms. McCulloch died in Melbourne in 1992. -G. Robb and E. Smith, 1993. Concise Dictionary of Australian Artists, p.164. -D. Tout-Smith 28/1/2004.

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