The Commonwealth Military Forces of Victoria was constituted in 1901, at the time of Australian federation, and was successor to the Victorian Militia (operating from 1884). It was made up of units or corps including the Australian Field Artillery, Victoria (Batteries 1-6).

In 1911 a reorganisation of the defence forces saw the Commonwealth Military Forces of Victoria became the Commonwealth Military Forces, 3rd Military District. In 1921 all Victorian forces became part of the Australian Military Forces, 3rd District Base.

Amongst those who served in the Commonwealth Military Forces of Victoria was Aubrey L.B. Hampton. Aubrey served for six years before the outbreak of World War I. His service is remembered through a bugling certificate awarded in 1903 (ST 039478) and photograph taken around the same time (ST 039472).


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See also Commonwealth Military Forces of Victoria: District Standing Orders, 1911, held at the Australian War Memorial Research Centre

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