Richard Seeger travelled extensively to a number of communties throughout Australia, including Ernabella in South Australia, Croker, Goulburn and Elcho Islands in the North and Jacksons Track (Drouin) in Victoria. His collection was bequeathed to Museum Victoria in 1978. Consisting of negatives, prints, film, slides, objects and manuscript material, the collections were created during the 1940s and 1950s. All information relating to the Richard Seeger Ernabella photographic collection, which totals 1554 images was confirmed or documented during a project with the Ernabella Community by L. Partos (Museum Victoria) in May/June of 2001. Other parts of his collection, including the images from Victoria and the Northern Territory, have also been the focus of a number of Community documentation projects in the 1990s which provided further names of people, locations and more exact dates. Hundreds of copies have been returned to relevant Communities and individuals and family members over the past two decades.

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