The award-winning Fletcher House contains the complete recipe for middle-class suburban living of the 1970s. The parents' bedroom with its own en-suite and dressing room is situated at the front of the house. Dining and living room are separated by a fireplace while above there is a mezzanine study open to the dining room below. A kitchen beyond opens onto a large family room. Upstairs there is a completely separate children's block with its own bathrooms and outdoor terrace. The Fletcher House is organised off a linear spine which bends at 45 degrees to avoid the carport and provide an entry hall. This spine, conceived as a sky lit gallery rather than as a passage is elevated above the north facing living and dining rooms and roofed in angled industrial glazing. Natural grey concrete blocks are exposed both inside and out and contrast with the primary reds and blues that are used in furnishing and fittings. This house is among the first accomplished images in Melbourne of International Brutalism, an architectural vocabulary of sculptural form and honestly expressed materials.

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