Description of the Sunshine Harvester Works Social and Welfare Association

The Sunshine Harvester Works Social and Welfare Association was established in 1943. Its aim was to promote 'goodfellowship amongst all employees of the company'. The association consisted of employees who oversaw the firm's welfare schemes and organised a rich program of social events. It also provided support to the firm's many sporting clubs. Jim Guest, who worked in the company's Tool Shop, was the association's first president. The organisation received financial support from the company and its membership. There were many benefits to joining the Social and Welfare Association. Besides going to social and sporting events, members received discounts from Melbourne stores and could attend theatre parties at reduced prices. In addition, affiliated social and sporting clubs had access to the association's library and clubroom. Members' families also enjoyed the benefits of the association's program. For instance, scholarships to the Sunshine Technical School and High School were offered to members' children.

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