Description of the Sunshine Harvester Works' Cricket Club.

The Sunshine Harvester Works Cricket Club was one of the company's oldest sporting teams. It was formed in the late 19th century when the firm was based in Ballarat. The club was re-established in 1925 after the company moved to Braybrook Junction (later re-named Sunshine) in 1904-1906. The club competed successfully against other industrial teams in local competitions, winning six championships by 1932. Following a brief absence during the early 1940s, the club was re-formed in 1944. Inter-departmental matches were staged between the factory's cricket clubs.

The club was renamed Massey-Ferguson Cricket Club when Canadian firm Massey-Ferguson bought out the company in 1955. They continued to hold inter-departmental games and also competed against other companies such as Ralph McKay Ltd., Perkins, Alsco Laundry Services and Massey-Ferguson's Bundaberg branch. From 1960, the club held annual matches against their counterparts from the International Harvester Company. The popular event was held each February and alternated between the companies' headquarters in Geelong and Sunshine. The games were a fun event with family members in attendance. Both companies covered the costs of lunch, a barbecue and transporting players and their families to and from the matches.

A famous feature of the competition was the 'Ashes trophy' which was designed by Engineering Director Ken Gaunt. Shaped like a rubbish bin, the metal and wooden trophy was produced in the company's Engineering Department and is held in Museum Victoria's collection. The ashes in the trophy consisted of hats which were burnt on the barbecue after each match. Matches were halted in 1968 as both companies were severely affected by the economic down-turn and subsequent down-sizing. Competition resumed in 1978 and the last match was held in 1981. The Massey-Ferguson team won seven of the 13 games against the International Harvester Company.

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