Overview of the Sunshine Harvester Works Golf Club.

The Sunshine Harvester Works Golf Club was formed in July 1937. The club was in recess for two years during World War II, but returned in 1944 with much success. By 1944, an average of 40 members participated in club matches. The club was the largest known golf club within an industrial organisation. Following the company's absorption by Canadian firm Massey-Ferguson, the club was renamed Massey-Ferguson Golf Club. Members held monthly matches in various locations, including Torquay, Queenscliff, Anglesea, Beacon Hills and Woodend. The club also held matches against the International Harvester Company's golf team. Up until the group's disbandment in 2013, club members held monthly games around the outer western suburbs of Melbourne. Many employees had a long-standing association with the club. For example, in 1963 Norm 'Scotty' Donald from the company's Melbourne Branch was made a life member of the club. Norm was the club's first treasurer and served on the committee since the club's inception in 1937.

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