Description of David Gilson who worked as a postman for the Sunshine Harvester Works.

David Gilson was a postman at Sunshine Harvester Works. He travelled over six miles a day on a company bicycle delivering mail to the various departments located across the sprawling factory and office site in Sunshine. At least three times a day David distributed mail, memos, job orders, books and parcels to 158 mail points scattered throughout the 76 acre site. He rode 1,500 miles per year on his bike and another 1,250 miles by walking around the factory and offices.

David was born in England in 1906 and migrated to Australia aged 18. Prior to his move, David was employed as an assistant in the Physics Laboratory at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Upon David's arrival in Australia, he worked on a farm for a couple of years before gaining employment at Sunshine Harvester Works in 1926. He began working in the factory, assembling harvesters before becoming a Leading Hand in Factory Parts.

After 33 years of working in the factory, David felt like a change. In 1960, he successfully applied for a mailman position which provided him with a rewarding experience. 'I feel a lot better now', he told the Massey-Ferguson Outlook in 1962, 'The healthy congenial outdoor life has agreed with me'.

Massey-Ferguson Outlook 1962, 'Our Postman Pedals to Physical Fitness', Vol. 1, No. 2, pp.6.
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