The Victorian Women on Farms Gathering Collection is a contemporary community collection that has involved significant participation and input from the Victorian Women on Farms Gathering Community. This community of women have been able to share and tell their stories through a direct and lasting relationship with Museum Victoria. This relationship was formalised in 2003 with a five-year Heritage Agreement. This agreement invited elected members of the Women on Farms Gathering community to "provide advice to Museum Victoria regarding inclusion for material in the Collection." While the terms of the agreement came to an end after five years, the Women on Farms Gathering community have remained connected to Museum Victoria, particularly through their voluntary positions within the Museum. Volunteers travel from rural Victoria to undertake work that ranges from cataloguing objects and photos to writing material for Collections Online. The below links will take you to individual profiles of some of our Women on Farms Gathering volunteers.

Joan Templar, WoFG Volunteer
Rosa Wedmore, WoFG Volunteer

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