Designed by American architects Roy A. Lippincott and Walter Burley Griffin who came to Australia after Griffin and his wife Marion Mahoney won the competition for the design of Australia's new capital city, Canberra, the Lippincott House has a plan similar to a series of speculative houses which Griffin had designed in Beverly, Chicago, 1909-13. A splayed gable with bold oversized barge boards and battered base brick walls give the house a dynamic appearance. At the same time, the constructional logic of the house is simply expressed as windows and stucco panels being lightweight infill between heavy brick piers. The Lippincott House is located in Walter Burley Griffin's Glenard Estate subdivision of 1916-23. Originally to be called Mount Eagle, Griffin's innovative suburb design consisted of a series of roads conforming to the contours of the hillside. Each house site was designed to obtain a view and where possible abut a reserve area of untouched bush land occurring as a natural clearing among the informal layout of houses. A similar plan, to be called Milleara, was proposed for Keilor in 1927.

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