Ivan James Bosel served as a Corporal in the Australian Army during World War II. Margaret and Ivan participated in regular correspondence after Ivan received a Christmas hamper though the Australian Comforts Fund from Margaret. There are four letters from Ivan to Margaret in the collection, which are dated between 21st December 1943 and 7th June 1945.

Ivan's first letter dated 21st December 1943, thanks Margaret for the Christmas hamper he received. In this letter, Ivan discusses his encounters with American soldiers and expresses interest in learning more about life in America. Ivan discusses his home life in Queensland and describes his wife and four year old son who are waiting for him to return home. In subsequent letters, Ivan elaborates on his home life Coorparoo, Queensland. He discusses his interest in sports and talks about his family. The rapport between Ivan and Margaret is highlighted by his open invitation for Margaret to visit, 'any time you manage to get to Brisbane you will always be a welcome visitor in my humble home.'

Ivan also shares his views on the war which gives insight to the opinions on the front line 'in my opinion Germany wont [sic] have a chance to give in they will be beaten.' Ivan repeatedly expresses his hope that the war will soon be over.

Service Number: QX55303
Rank: Corporal
Service: Australian Army
Date of Birth: 23 October 1915
Place of Birth: Maryborough, QLD
Date of Enlistment: 23 May 1943
Date of Discharge: 16 November 1945
Posting at Discharge: N G Field Prov Coy

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