Clement, Florence (nee Emmett) and Maurice Moore migrated to Australia from England in 1935. Clement (Clem) grew up in Wimbledon in Surrey while Florence (Flo) grew up in Kingston-on-Thames in Surrey. Clem and Flo married in 1928 and on 3 October 1929 their son, Maurice, was born in Wimbledon.

Prior to migrating to Australia the Moore's were living in Southend-on-Sea in Essex and Clem was working as a steward for the Orient Line shipping company. It was on one of the Australia-England routes that Clem met Frank Richardson, company director of the Cox Brothers retail group, who offered him a retail position in Australia. Richardson also advised Clem that war in Europe was imminent. The offer of a job, prospect war and Clem's desire to secure a better life for his family away from the economic hardships of life in England, determined their decision to migrate.

Maurice was only six years old when the family departed England, travelling from Southampton to Melbourne on the Orient Line ship Orsova, arriving at Station Pier in late June, 1935. The Moore's first settled for two-three years in Caulfield, Victoria, while Clem worked at the Cox Brothers stores in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and in Bourke Street, Melbourne. Clem and Flo's second son, Frank, was born in Caulfield on 17 October 1936.

In 1938 the family moved to Wagga in New South Wales when Clem accepted a management position at the Cox Brothers Wagga store. They remained in Wagga for the duration of the War and their third son, Ronald, was born there on 15 February 1939. The family also purchased their first car, a Pontiac, while living in Wagga.

The Moore's returned to Melbourne in 1946, settling in Canterbury Street, Flemington, when Clem took on a supervisory role - known as a 'floor walker' - at Georges in Collins Street (which was part of the Cox Bros group). While Flo undertook domestic home duties for much of her life, she did work in sales at Georges for a short time, while Clem was employed there. Clem eventually left Georges due to suffering stress and depression.

The Moore's had sold their Pontiac in Wagga, before returning to Melbourne and did not purchase their second car, a Hillman, until around 1958, in which they toured around Victoria.

Following his employment at Georges, Clem worked in a number of positions including as waiter at the Menzies and London Hotels. His last job was as hall porter at the Victoria Hotel in Collins Street where he worked for 15 years before retiring in 1965.

Clem and Flo passed away in 1974 and 1981 respectively, having divorced and both remarried some years earlier. Clem was the only one of four brothers to migrate. He and Florence appear to have been satisfied with their decision to migrate, and never returned to England.

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