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Intercolonial Exhibition medal 1862 (AD)
Other Details: This is a thin one-sided medal or pressing of an official seal for the 1862 International Exhibition, London, by the artist Charles Summers. It depicts the personification of the colony of Victoria as a classical goddess holding aloft a torch. The history of this piece is unclear. It probably relates to the Victorian entries in the London International Exhibition of 1862. The 1873 International Exhibition was held in London 14 April - 31 October 1873. It was preceeded by a Victorian Exhibiton held in Melbourne 6 November 1872 - 8 January 1873. Vienna also hosted an international exhibition from 1 May - 1 November 1873.

Obverse Description

Colony of Victoria as Greek Muse standing left wearing laurel wreath holding torch aloft; around, : INTER . EXHIB.: VICT. : 1862 : LAETA in exergue in tiny letters, SUMMERS DES ARNOLDI SC

Reverse Description

Plain with paper glued over

Edge Description


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