Alternative Name(s): Scales
Oertling scientific analytical balance. Serial No.35227. Designed early 20th century. Balance and box of weights.
Used by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Limited, Parkville, Victoria from around 1920.

The firm H.B. Selby & Co., of 443 Bourke Street, Melbourne and 8 O'Connell Street, Sydney, first appear with advertisements in Australian newspapers in 1917. The firm was prevoiusly known as H.B. Silberberg & Co., suggesting that the name change was promoted by anti-German sentiment in the communitty during World War I. H.B. Silberberg had spent 7 years on the Western Australian goldfields as a partner in the firm Train & Silberberg, before returning to Victoria in 1902 to take over a scientific instruments supply business previously run by his father.

Physical Description

Housed in oblong-shaped wooden framed case with glass sides and glass top. Front panel slides vertically and can be removed. Balance comprises a vertical pillar with a complex system of horizontal arms at top forming a rocking beam. At ends of horizontal beam are hooks where scales can be hung. Brass adjustable legs.


Example of balances use at CSL

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