This is a letterpress platen printing press manufactured by Adana of London but the date of manufacture is unknown.

Letterpress is a term used to define the process of printing from a raised surface, be it type or block. The term takes it origins from the act of pressing a letter onto another substance, usually paper.

The machine is hand fed and has power operation. It has an inking drum compared to other platen presses which utilize an inking disc. It is powered by an electric motor and is hand fed from a single front table.

There is a chase on the bed.

Physical Description

Printing press; an metal standing mechanism with a tray, roller and electric motor.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mr Fred Matlock, 23/05/1991

  • Manufacturer

    Adana, London, England, Great Britain, Unknown

  • Inscriptions

    Cast on flywheel: Adana/London On the drive arm on the right: Adana/London Delco Motor: (illegible)HP, S/P. Model No. M2309E/Serial No. 114 48/Made in Canada.

  • Classification

    Communications, Printing, Printing presses

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Type of item


  • Overall Dimensions

    700 mm (Length), 800 mm (Width), 1200 mm (Height)
    Historical dimensions: Royal Octavo

  • Other Dimensions (see comments)

    28 cm (Length), 18 cm (Width)
    Bed dimension.

  • Other Dimensions (see comments)

    30 cm (Length), 28 cm (Width)
    Platen dimension.

  • Other Dimensions (see comments)

    25 cm (Length), 4 cm (Width)
    Roller dimensions. There are two rollers.

  • Other Dimensions (see comments)

    60 cm (Length), 20 cm (Width)
    Feed tray dimension.

  • Keywords

    Printing Equipment, Printing Presses