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Macintosh & Degraves Token Shilling 1823 (AD)
Mint: Uncertain British

Standard References: Andrews 680 = Heyde Related 52
Other Details: The circumstances surrounding the production of this token are unclear. The date is not the date of production, nor did it enter circulation in Tasmania. Macintosh & Degraves ran a saw mill. The British Museum received their example in 1848.

Physical Description

A round silver token (22 mm diameter) featuring the name and business of the company which commissioned the tokens: Macintosh & Degraves, Saw Mills. The obverse states that it is a one shilling token while the reverse depicts a kangaroo seated looking back and gives the colonial name TASMANIA and the date 1823. This token is holed through AV of DEGRAVES and has been flattened at the edges.

Obverse Description

At centre in three lines, ONE / SHILLING / TOKEN around below, MACINTOSH & DEGR[AV]ES around above, SAW MILLS Holed through AV of DEGRAVES

Reverse Description

At centre a kangaroo seated right looking back above, TASMANIA below, 1823

Edge Description


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