Product pack - Penicillin, set of 5 ampoules (the Sodium Salt of Penicillin, dried and "in Vacuo") in a cardboard container. Manufactured by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, 1945.

Physical Description

Brown cardboard box with yellow printed label on front and sides. Containing a set of five hand blown glass ampoules. Each ampoule has black text on the exterior and a dried brown compound inside.


An early example of penicillin manufactured by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories

More Information

  • Collection Names

    CSL (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories) Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Medicine & Health

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from CSL Ltd (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories), 24/03/2004

  • Manufacturer

    CSL Ltd (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories), 1945

  • Inscriptions

    Label on lid: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH / Special Product / PENICILLIN, "COMMONWEALTH" / (THE SODIUM SALT OF PENICILLIN, DRIED AND "IN VACUO") / No antiseptic added / SET OF 5 AMPOULES / Each ampoule containing 100,000 Oxford Units / NOT SUBJECT TO RETURN OR EXCHANGE / This package must be stored in a dark place and at a termperature not exceeding 5C. / (that is, 41F.) / Kept under such conditions this product will remain / fully potent until ... 9 APR 45 / Batch No. N43-1 / CAUTION:- This preparation should be used only under medical supervision / Prepared in the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Royal Park, Victoria, Australia On Ampoule: PENICILIN N48-1 / HI 100 000 UNITS / SEALED 30/10/44

  • Brand Names

    "CSL" (Medical Vaccines)

  • Classification

    Medicine & health, Bacteriology, Pharmaceuticals

  • Category

    History & Technology

  • Discipline


  • Type of item


  • Object Dimensions

    250 mm (Width), 185 mm (Depth), 46 mm (Height)
    Measurement taken with lid on.

  • Object Dimensions

    148 mm (Height)
    Measurement of single ampoule. Dimensions of each ampoule differ slightly.

  • Maximum dimensions

    205 mm (Length), 185 mm (Width), 45 mm (Height)
    Measurement From Conservation. Dimensions are of box with lid in place.

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