Concord or thorough-brace type coach built by Abbott & Downing, coachbuilders of Concord, New Hampshire, U.S.A., in the late 1860s. Imported into Victoria by Harold Clapp & Co. This coach is of the type of vehicle introduced into Australia by Freeman Cobb and partners in the early 1850s, but it has no documented direct association with the original 'Cobb & Co' firm. By the 1860s the 'Cobb & Co' name was being used almost universally by many independant coaching firms operating throughout Victoria.

Donated to the State Library by the Aisbett family, who last used the coach on the Pitfield-Scarsdale route, southwest of Ballarat, in 1924. A previous owner's name, "McPhee & Co. Proprietors", is visible on the side boards of the driver's seat. The coach has seating for the driver & 20 passengers (11 on the outside and 9 on the inside seats).

Physical Description

Fitted with dual brake levers.

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