This outfit was designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L in 1986, from printed sik designed by textile artist Deborah Leser. The Great Barrier Reef range came in several different Leser fabrics, and was one of the best sellers the Company had. A jumpsuit made of a similar fabric is photographed in the American Department store Neiman Marcus's Autumn 1986 magazine NM, as part of a feature on their `Australian Fortnight' promotions.

Physical Description

Three piece outfit of white silk printed with bold Barrier Reef fish motifs designed by Deborah Leser: (1) Loose flowing overshirt with kimono style sleeves. Large shoulder pads. (2) Bra top with appliqued fish across front. It is shapeless and is fastened at the back with 5 metal clasps. (3) Rectangular piece of fabric with hemmed edges. Probably used as wrap-around skirt or sarong.

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