Detailer's case containing samples of human and animal vaccines, manufactured by Commonwaealth Serum Laboratories (CSL), about 1920s. Used by CSL's first medical detailer (sales rep), Mr Frank Trapp, in the 1920s. Initially he was the only detailer for CSL and covered the entire Eastern half of Australia. Vaccines include dysentery, meningococcal, tuberculosis, diptheria, influenza, cholera, typhoid, canine distemper, horse serum, pneumonia, and many others.

Physical Description

Double sided brown leather case containing 39 multiple compartments, each containing a yellow cardbox box with a glass vial of vaccine. One side of the case contains 39 boxes, and the other, 25. The compartments are lined with cloth, and a cloth covered board folds over both sections. The case has a standard clip and two locks, and a handle.


Early collection of CSL products. Also an example of equipment used by sales people whilst on the road.

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